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Best Buy Extended Warranty

Geek Squad wing under Best Buy provides techno services on a single dial 24×7, 365 days. As we live in the constantly changing era of technology, there are new and updated options each day. In such times, all people seek is warranty. Best buy warranty comes to your instant rescue being fully adept to resolve issues of all consumer electronics, as well as electronic appliances.

The Best Buy Warranty Services Cover:

  • Installation of electronic products
  • Installation of Home Theatre & Home TV
  • Repair and support of cell phone & other telephone sets
  • Kitchen electronics set-up
  • Internet set-up, repair, and support
  • Home appliances, such as, Printer set-up, repair, and support
  • Computer software installation

Best Buy is a platform which enables you to buy any consumer electronics and it comes with a Best buy warranty of 365 days. Ensure the following to avail the geek squad warranty:

  • the product must be purchased from the Best buy official websites – or or from the Best buy branded retail store.
  • The product must be purchased only in the United States or Canada.
  • Best buy geek squad warranty lasts for 1 Year i.e. 365 days from the purchased date printed on your payment receipt. You may ask for best buy extended warranty to be carefree for years together.
  • It is always recommended that you read best buy warranty policy before leaving the website or store.

In case you don’t remember the purchase date to make use of the geek squad warranty, you need not worry. Follow these steps:

  • Check your best buy product manual or original packaging, as best buy warranty details is usually included there.
  • Use an internet to look up the manufacturer and model number of your best buy product.
  • The best available option – Chat or Call. Chat to enquire for Best Buy warranty check at 1-888-237-8289 and our skilled expert will help you locate the information online.

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Best buy warranty policy

If you notice a defect with the product purchased from the Best buy during the Best buy warranty period, then:

  • The product will be repaired with new parts or the parts will be rebuilt.
  • The product will be replaced at no extra charge with new or rebuilt parts.
  • If you require any part after the best buy warranty period expires, you have to pay all labour and parts charges.

This Geek Squad warranty can only be provided:

  • When you avail it from best buy itself. To obtain warranty service in the United States call 1-888-BESTBUY and for Canada call 1-866-BESTBUY.
  • Best Buy Geek Squad Warranty can also be used on websites of the original purchaser of the product in the county where the original purchase was made.

Before claiming for Geek Squad warranty, check that there is no:

Accidental damage Misuse
Abuse Customer instruction/education
Installation Set up adjustments
Modification of any part of the product, including the antenna Damage due to incorrect operation or maintenance
Cosmetic damage Damage due to weather, lightning, and other acts of God, such as power surges
Commercial purposes or use Attempted repair by any person not authorized by Insignia to service the Product
Failures or Damage caused by any contact including but not limited to liquids, gels or pastes Display panel damaged by static images applied for lengthy periods
Connection to an incorrect voltage or power supply Products sold “as is” or “with all faults”
Consumables, including but not limited to batteries Products where the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed
Loss or Theft of this product or any part of the product

If you are thinking of going for best buy extended warranty, you are going to have a two years Geek squad warranty. All rules applicable to and services provided for one year will be well in place for you for double the time, i.e., for two consecutive years.

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You also need not worry about the prices as the Best Buy Geek Squad Prices are very fair. They don’t charge you much unless your products parts are being replaced. The charges are:

  • PC/Tablet Setup -$99.99
  • Printer Setup -$39.99
  • PC Tune-Up -$39.99
  • OS Installation-$99.99
  • Virus/Spyware Removal-$149.99
  • Diagnostic and Repair-$99.99
  • Firewall Support-$259.99
  • Server Administration-$299.99
  • Server Diagnostics and Repair-$299.99
  • VPN Support-$329.99

Geek squad warranty offers a protection plan which can be purchased in different ways:

  • Online Purchase – If you make an online purchase of the Geek squad product in the Geek squad warranty, we will be able to add the Service Plan of Geek Squad Protection before making the payment.
  • In-Store Purchase – If you purchase a Geek squad product in the Geek squad warranty in person at a best buy store, you may contact our certified professional to help you add the Service Plan of Geek Squad Protection.
  • 30 Days After activation – In case you have to add the Service Plan of Geek Squad Protection after activating the product, all you need is to visit any store within the first 30 days of product purchase, and the plan will be added to your Geek squad warranty product.


Best Buy Geek Squad Service is an all-time available techno service. You can fully rely on its accuracy, quality, cost-efficiency, and commitment. Geek Squad Prices, besides giving you enough satisfaction and worth, is designed to install, repair, and support all your electronic devices – be it for your home, a start-up, or other businesses.

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