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Geek Squad Prices

Best Buy Geek Squad Service is a 24*7 repair center that helps you restore, set up, diagnose, or repair your devices. Years ago, Geek Squad Service was known for its exceling services specifically in repairing computers. However, as the years went by, Geek Squad expanded its business and now their service includes cover to almost every electronic device and gadget.

Geek Squad Prices 2022 and service offers cover:

  • All leading brands mobile phones
  • Home appliances such as TV, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine
  • Home electronics such as smart home devices
  • Camera electronics
  • Portable audio devices
  • All leading brands computer, laptops, and tablet
  • Gaming devices
  • Car electronics

We are here to help you with how much does Geek Squad costs. In this article, we provide you with a detailed Geek Squad pricing list to keep you informed and also to present an opportunity for you to compare Geek Squad Prices with other alternative options.

Geek Squad Service Prices V/S Others

Mentioned below is a comparison between few popular brands and Geek Squad Prices to help you with your decision.

  • One-time – One-time is one of our most affordable service options. It has its Geek Squad pricing as-
$49.99 to tune-up PC. Similar Service, if availed from a store, would cost $99.99.
It offers a $9.99-/monthly subscription with the initial fees of $99.99.
Total = $219.87 applicable for the first year and $119.88 per year from the second year.
  • iTOK. net: Under this category, users can choose from an assembly of services or subscription offers. Geek Squad Prices for starts from-
$34.99/ monthly subscription with an initial setup charge of $99.99.
Total = $519.87 applicable for the first year and $419.88 annually from the second year.
  • iYogi: iYogi Geek Squad service is the annual remote-support plan by Geek Squad for the regular home users. Geek Squad pricing for iYogi-
Basic Geek Squad service plan at $179.99 per year, for at most 3 PCs or Mac computers.
The above cost does not include security software.

If you put together all the facilities that we provide, you will certainly agree that our reasonable Geek Squad pricing list is the most efficient and worthwhile choice for a long term utility.

Now that you have an impression about Geek Squad Prices in comparison to its competitors, let’s move to another important step to find you a good deal that matches your needs and requirements. Taking you through the Best Buy Geek Squad Prices right next.

Best Buy Geek Squad Prices

Quoted below are the Geek Squad Prices per service offered by the Best Buy Geek Squad Services.

$99.99 To Setup PC or Tablet
$99.99 Operating System Installation
$149.99 Bug/ Virus removal
$39.99 To Setup printer
$39.99 Tune-up PC
$99.99 Diagnosing and repairing charges
$299.99 Diagnosing and repairing the Server
$259.99 Firewall Protection
$299.99 Administering Server

Best Price at Best Buy Geek Squad Prices

Geek Squad Prices also come with amazing deals and offers. The purchase made at Geek Squad saves users –

  • Geek Squad PC service at $199.99. The package includes remote-access services like
Remote Virus removal
Remote antivirus software installation
Remote PC Tune-up
Remote antivirus software

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Geek Squad prices for Home Theater & TV service and special member offer:

List of Services Regular Price Total Tech Support Member Price
TV Connect and Setup $149.99 $49.99
Sound-bar Connect $129.99 $49.99
A/V Receiver or Processor Setup $129.99 $49.99
Networked Audio Device Setup $99.99 $49.99
Wall and Ceiling Speaker Installation Varies @ 20% discount
Home Wi-Fi Setup $99.99 $49.992
Furniture Assembly $129.99 $49.992
  • Geek Squad prices for Smart Home service and special member offer:
List of Services Regular Price Total Tech Support Member Price
Floodlight Installation $149.99 20% discount
Smart Doorbell Installation $99.99 $49.991
2 to 8 Wireless Camera Installation $99.99–$149.99 $49.991
1 to 8 Wired Camera Installation $99.99–$699.99 @ 20% discount
Smart Door Lock Installation $99.99 $49.991
  • Geek Squad prices for Smart Home service and special member offer:
Safety and Convenience Regular Price Total Tech Support Member Price
Backup Camera and Mirror Installation $49.99–$159.99 Included
Dash Camera Installation $59.99 Included
Standard Remote Start Installation $149.99 Included

Do you know What is the Geek Squad protection plan?

So, to answer ‘how much does Geek Squad cost in 2022’, we have conferred the numbers below:

  • Geek Squad prices can range from $39.99 through to $329.99 per single service
  • $24.99 to $49.99 per person for a single month for a service plan.
  • Every single user can choose to have different brands or more than one from the same brand devices’ services.

If you run a start-up and do not have sufficient staff for the IT support, you can consider Geek Squad for help with computer setup, software installation, repair, and other tech related issues. Affordable Geek Squad Prices can help you plan your working effectively for the present and future.

Geek Squad fees

Geek Squad fees for the initial, hourly, and monthly services are:

  • Initial Setup Geek Squad Fees 2022
Standard Plan = $99.99
Advance Plan = $99.99
  • Hourly On-Site Geek Squad Fees
$119 per hour for the initial 10 to 19 hours
$99 per hour post the 19th hour
  • Monthly Geek Squad Fees Per User
Standard Plan = $24.99
Advance Plan = $49.99

Both standard and advanced Geek Squad prices will cover –

  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • Adding network devices
  • Firewall support
  • Setup of computers and servers
  • Software or OS installation
  • Computer tune
  • VPN support
  • Data backups and transfer


Best Buy Geek Squad Service is an all-time available techno service. You can fully rely on its accuracy, quality, cost-efficiency, and commitment. Geek Squad Prices, besides giving you enough satisfaction and worth, is designed to install, repair, and support all your electronic devices – be it for your home, a start-up, or other businesses.

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