How to remove Pornographic Virus alert from Microsoft


Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft

How to remove Pornographic Virus alert from Microsoft

Human beings live in the most technology-dominated age humanity has ever seen. Where it brought in tons of changes for the better, it is no surprise that the worse always finds loopholes. Soon enough we were introduced to viruses that are capable of damaging our computer systems.

And like any other species, the viruses evolved into various categories, various attacking routes and it wasn’t far when humans started creating viruses for personal gains. That’s right. Viruses have now evolved to be man-made.

But, you cannot always identify a virus and eventually, you fall victim to it. Recently, a virus has come to light that is designed with great precision to prove its legitimacy- the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft.

This read will focus on what this virus is, what it does, and how you can remove it along with a few more significant aspects.

What Is the Virus Alert From Microsoft?

Microsoft security alert is a genuine measure that the brand takes up to protect your accounts from unrecognized activities or operations. You get notified and you can take care of the security measures at the time. However, it is said that these alerts can be both real and thinly-veiled cyber attacks.

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One such virus variant is the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft. Now, let’s just say, hearing the name, you said to yourself- how bad can it be, after all, it’s from Microsoft!

Well, the name of this virus does have “Microsoft” in it and it sounds legit, but it’s not. It is, in simple terms, a warning that is displayed on your screen, which is entirely wrapped in a cover of deception. It uses Microsoft’s name to mislead users.

It can also be known as a fake security alert by Microsoft, and yes, there are ways to prevent and protect you from these cyber attacks.

Portrayal of the Microsoft Security Alert

Let’s familiarize you with what the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft looks like- it is a full-page warning displayed on-screen that informs users about their system being locked. When explaining the issue, it states that this problem has occurred because of the user browsing pornographic websites.

Further, it states that those websites were virus affected, which lead to a system infection and might lead to increased risk of compromised financial data. Not terminating the warning page and/or not attempting to restart the computer system are highly recommended by troubleshooting professionals.

Users are advised to contact concerned authorities as soon as this pop-up alert window comes up on their screens before resuming work. This is because not paying appropriate attention may lead to high risks of losing data and being a victim to such cyber threats.

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It is believed that these scams majorly focus on scare tactics to intimidate users and trick them into taking actions that would be beneficial for the cybercriminals and, of course, cause significant harm to the users.


Another important thing to remember is never to call on the numbers mentioned on the websites. So, listed below are the worst possible outcomes of calling on those numbers:

  • Hackers will try to persuade you to go for one-time subscriptions to get rid of the problem.
  • They might succeed in installing harmful virus programs like Trojans, and other ransomware.
  • They can even attempt to pilfer your data such as bank account details, login credentials, etc.

Knowing How to Remove Microsoft Warning Alert

It would be very crucial to keep in mind that no matter what, you cannot click on the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft pop-up’s “Allow” key.

But, there can be some malicious content in the pop-up alert that made you hit on the button. In such cases, you are required to remove the granted permission and scan your system to remove malware programs (along with its components).

Enlisted are the steps that you have to undergo to remove the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft pop-up messages from your computer system:

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  1. Begin with blocking the pop-up notifications from the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft.
  2. Go for removing the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft through the browser shortcuts.
  3. Then opt to remove all Adware from your Windows with the pornographic virus alert.
  4. Once you’ve adjusted these, you should go ahead and reset your in-use web browsers.
  5. Install and use some anti-malware programs to identify and get rid of any such pop-ups.

Note:Although these steps have proved to be effective, you must always be cautious of any added threat while you attempt to remove the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft pop-up message virus.


The pornographic virus alert from Microsoft refers to a virus scam that warns you about your entire system being blocked because of browsing pornographic websites that were malicious in some manner.

With “Microsoft” added to its name, it gives out a more legitimate sense to the users and tricks them into taking actions that would eventually lead to their harm and benefit the cybercriminals who use this method to bring in traffic.

These pop-up viruses start with a simple warning flashed on your screen and can lead to the installation of Adware like Trojans and other ransomware. It can also cause loss of personal data that will make you restless and ultimately, you’ll fall victim to these cybercrimes.

Mentioned above are all the data that you need to know about the scam virus attack and the steps that you are required to undertake to remove these pop-up warnings from your computer system.

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