Privacy Policy

Pertaining to your privacy, we are very serious when it comes to securing it as well as keeping your personally identifiable information confidential. To know more about how we utilize any information shared by our customers, you can navigate to any section of our website or read through this page very carefully.

Your consent

If you continue to access the Geek Squad Appointment website even after reading the points mentioned here, it means you are giving your consent to use your information in the way it is mentioned here. Be sure to read every point and if you do not agree to one of the points, you may discontinue accessing the website.

General information

While providing services through our website, we might need you to share certain personal information with us. This might include your details including the following:

  • Your name
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Contact information
  • Address for correspondence

However, we guarantee you that we shall not rent or sell your information neither we trade with it.

Why do we collect your information?

At Geek Squad appointment, we shall collect users’ information in order to schedule their appointments and work on their submitted requests. In case you wish to discontinue seeking our services or cancel any request, then you can email us your concern and we will take actions to sort it out. Besides this, you can also ask not to utilize your information further.

Details about Online orders

In case you make a purchase or need to pay for any service available on our website, then you might need to share your credit card details with us. However, you should not fret that your information is not safe with us as our website only partners with reputable third-party financial institutions to carry out transactions.

We use highly encrypted technology to keep your credit card details intact and this technology makes it impossible for anyone to decode your details. This makes your information highly secured on our platform.

SSL Secured

Our geek squad appointment website uses the SSL Security method to encrypt users’ data that they share with us. This helps us keep your information confidential and ensures that your info, as well as the details of all online transactions, are safe with us.

Use of Cookies

Similar to other online platforms, our website also makes use of cookies and sends them on your PC for the collection of certain information. We do not force you to share any information with us and you can choose not to provide any detail about yourself. Cookies only help us in knowing about your online activities. This also helps us serve you the information based on your preferences which ultimately makes your experience better on any online platform, including ours. Apart from this, the use of cookies also helps us in determining website traffic.

It completely depends upon a user whether he wishes to allow cookies or not and if you wish to decline cookies, you may always use the ‘Settings’ function of your device for the same purpose.

Third-party information

On an off-chance, we might need to share some of the information about users with other parties in order to carry forward or process your request. However, we shall not share the personal information of users that will help anybody to identify them personally.

Outside links

On our website, we may include links outside at necessary places and by clicking on those links you may reach a website that you may not find appropriate. Therefore, you should click on these links after scrutinizing them carefully. Make sure to read their policies individually and then take action.

Privacy Policy amendments

We may do necessary changes to this website based on our own choices and decisions. Thus, a user should go through the revised changes before opting-in and out of any service.

Children’s privacy

At, Geek Squad Appointment platform, we highly respect the privacy of children and try to keep their information confidential, in case they provide it to us (intentionally or unintentionally). We specifically do not provide services to anyone who is under the age of 18 but an adult can seek services on his behalf.

Contact us

In case you come across any discrepancies or need to have a word with us, you can always get connected to our representatives by using the contact information given here.

Disclaimer** tries its best to deliver you error-free content on this website. However, at times, you may not find it to be true or accurate. In that case, you may contact us and get your queries answered. Also, we would like to clearly state here that we are not the owner of the brand names or related stuff used here. This is because these belong to their sole authorities. We have used them only to create a point of reference and to let you understand things about the Geek Squad in a better way.