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Geek Squad
Protection Plan

Geek Squad is a section of the American and Canadian multinational consumer electronics corporation Bestbuy. Geek Squad provides a variety of protection plans categorized as the Geek Squad protection plans that ensures essential coverage of IT and electronic products.

Geek Squad protection plan prices vary as per the subscriptions and requirements, however, you can be sure that it is the best buy protection plan there is, to secure your electronic devices.Geek Squad protection plan comes with a Geek Squad warranty which is as per the product manufacturing information.

Let us learn more about the protection plans on offer.

What is the Geek Squad protection plan?

Geek Squad protection plan provides coverage and valuable protection for multiple electronic products, such as, home appliances, smart phones, laptops, other electronic devices as listed on the website The good quality and easy to access services offered by Geek Squad develops a trust in the customer and are an integral part of the geek squad plan to secure and protect all your electronic gadgets.

Eye-Catching Advantages of the geek squad protection plan

  • Provides in-store, on-site, via-internet, emergency on-site support and services
  • 24 hours, all days of the week, telephone services
  • Easy product replacement option
  • Transferrable protection plan
  • Works against power surges and the failure caused by basic wear and tear
  • Covers defects in materials and workmanship as per the purchase-plan period
  • Geek squad protection plan can be availed within 30 days of product purchase
  • Extendable with an economical service charge
  • Free of charge cancellation within 30 days of purchase of the protection plan
  • Cancellable with a service charge after 30 days
  • Home memberships, monthly subscriptions, and a range of cost-effective plans available
  • Economical geek squad protection plan prices: The least expensive monthly subscription geek squad protection plan price is available for US$9.99.
  • Geek squad warranty coverage according to the manufactured product information
  • Offers the customer to choose either online or offline mode of purchase and payment

How can a Geek Squad protection plan be purchased?

The Geek Squad Protection Plan can be purchased using the online or offline mode in a few steps.

Please keep the pre-authorised original receipts received at the time of product purchasing ready.

  • Search for the plan by the SKU or four part key/GCID mentioned on the original product-purchase receipt.
  • Your search will display the Geek Squad Plan contract.
  • Choose a suitable contract plan and Click Make a Payment.
  • Fill the payment form and payment information.
  • Click Review and Submit.
  • Save a copy of the Confirmation page for future reference.

To make a Home Membership plan purchase, call 1-800-433-5778 or go to the official geek squad website. The least expensive Home Membership monthly plan is available for US$ 19.99.

No Lemon Policy

The Geek Squad Insurance comes with a no lemon policy and covers all services listed under the Geek Squad Protection Plan terms and conditions. Services such as repairing of loose wires, the necessary accessory adjustment, mending and handling of consumable parts including battery or bulbs are under the coverage plan. The service visits are not covered under this policy.

How the Geek Squad protection plan is transferred?

You would be happy to know that you can transfer your Geek Squad Protection Plan in easy and simple steps. To do so:

  • Call our 24*7*365 customer care service.
  • When asked, please provide the name, email address, contact number, and postal address of the person to whom the plan is being transferred to.
  • To transfer monthly subscription plan, provide the banking authorization details and the original documentation.
  • The new owner will receive the Geek Squad coverage and geek squad warranty benefits under the protection plan.

Wireless Geek Squad Protection Plan

As the name suggests, this very-affordable Wireless Geek Squad protection plan provides online support for all wireless devices, namely the computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, etc.

To avail the plan:

  • You require a high speed internet and an account.
  • to sign up for an account, call our customer service representative or login to the Geek Squad website.
  • Remember that the accessories which are provided with the original manufacturing package will cover up to five claims.


Geek Squad protection plan is your best buy protection plan as it comes with easy access, valuable services, authorized payment steps, and printed receipts. Geek Squad protection plan offers an exclusive customer service experience and we guarantee you quick and easy support through any medium, online or offline, or via phone.

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