Ransomware Virus affecting Businesses in Texarkana

A few days ago, the officials of Texarkana made it public that their Water Service Providing Utility has been hit by a Ransomware virus. However, it is still not clear that any essential data has been compromised by this attack or not.

Also, this attack was not powerful enough to impact the working of the water division of Texarkana and it is still continuing to provide water supply to the residents. In order to know the gravity of this attack, the Texarkana officials are striving hard to find out what affected the internet service providers so badly in the two cities i.e. Bowie County, and the Cities of Texarkana.

The ransomware has affected the businesses and caused them to adapt to the new way of management. Since the online services of the office were affected badly leading customers to stand in long queues to deposit their water bills.

And, this is expected to continue until the online services are resumed.

When a short survey was conducted by a reporter, many customers said that they had never faced such a situation in their entire life. Many had problems as the Water supply dept. could not find out their account number even if he has been supplied with water for years by paying online.

The problem began over the past weekend when the IT department noticed ransomware attacking the network serving TWU and the cities of Texarkana Arkansas and Texas. This caused the offices to shut down computer services, affecting the way water bills are paid and the amount of those bills.

They cannot also go without paying their bills because it will result in discontinuation of supplies and then they are only left with the option to pay the bills in person.

Top highlights at a glance

  • Ransomware attacked the water dept. of Texarkana
  • There is no evidence of how long it was there before getting discovered
  • There is also no evidence if any personal data of employees being compromised asĀ  a result of this attack
  • The water supply service shall not be impacted under any circumstances
  • The officials are showing concern towards this matter and will try to come to a solution very soon
  • All the PCs in the water supply office are being checked and undergoing a repair. And, there is a possibility that they will schedule Geek Squad Appointment for this task

The customers need not worry about this as the officials are trying their best that the issue gets resolved as fast as possible.

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